Rules and Regulations

1- This is a 'Singles Only' cafe. By becoming a member of 'Single Blend Cafe' you are      confirming that you are, at time of joining, single.


2- Membership of The SINGLE BLEND Cafe is compulsory before using any  of  the Cafe's facilities.

3- As a member you agree to provide proof of membership upon entering the SINGLE BLEND Cafe by showing your membership card to a member of staff.

4- Whilst inside the SINGLE BLEND Cafe you must conduct yourself in a fit and proper manner and respect everyone inside the Cafe.


5- Beverages and snacks can only be purchased and consumed from the vending machines           inside the SINGLE BLEND Cafe.

6- At no time can food or/and beverage be brought into the SINGLE BLEND Cafe.

7- At no time will alcohol be consumed anywhere inside and directly outside the SINGLE BLEND Cafe.

8- The SINGLE BLEND Cafe has a 'NO SMOKING/VAPING' policy.

9- The SINGLE BLEND Cafe provides a safe and peaceful place to relax so all members MUST respect that.

10- As a member of The SINGLE BLEND Cafe you agree that ONLY members are permitted inside the SINGLE BLEND Cafe and at no time can family/friends of members be permitted.

11- Membership to the SYLY Cafe community must be over the age of 18 years old.


12- Absolutely no harassment or inappropriate behaviour towards anyone inside the Cafe will         be tolerated and if necessary the member will be asked to leave or even reported to the           police and membership be terminated.

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