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'The Concept'

Ok so we are single, for whatever reason this is now where we are with our relationship status.
How many times have we heard things like 'I'm on this dating site because there is no where else to meet single people' or ' If only there was somewhere for singles to go which isn't a club, bar or speed date' Where can we go?
Unbelievable as it is, until now there has not been somewhere local for singles to go.
A relaxed place to pop in for a coffee, a fifteen minute rest from the rat race. A place where you can chill out and feel safe in tranquil surroundings with knowledge that everyone there is also a single member.
You may just want some quiet time with a coffee for ten minutes and then get on with your day or you may fancy a cold drink with a snack and get talking to others. Whatever the choice is always yours, totally yours.
The SINGLE BLEND Cafe has minimal staff and only there to be welcoming and friendly, to keep the cafe clean and tidy and confirm your membership status.
The lay out is spacious enough not to feel intimidated by others talking. The design and colour scheme is calming and tranquil with a varied designs of comfortable seating areas.
In the Single Blend Cafe you will NEVER be disturbed by the clutter and clanging of utensils in the drink and prep areas. Never be disturbed by staff pulling away tables and chairs scrapping across the floor which instinctively make us all cringe.
A Single Blend Cafe will give you a safe place of peace and quiet with soft background music and comfortable surroundings. You chose your desired hot or cold beverage from a top of the range vending machines. A great choice of snacks from another top of the range vending machine. Pay with either cash or card, select your choice wait for dispense and take it to a choice of comfortable seating.
There is no money exchanged, no tills, no noisy machinery, no noisy chattering staff. The atmosphere is created by you and fellow exclusive members.
Are you ready to become an exclusive SINGLE BLEND cafe member? 
You will receive a membership card with your unique membership number. 
An introduction one-off payment of £5.00 to cover costs of postage and to keep it exclusive is all that is required to join.
Just click on the 'Buy Now' button to make an instant PayPal payment.
In the message box please say the postal address which you would like used to enable delivery. Your name is not required however please say your gender for admin use only. The membership number is your secure identity and will correspond with the address given.
Please always carry your membership card with you when visiting the Single Blend cafe and when meeting fellow members. Always ask for members membership number for confirmation and peace of mind.
**Your identity is totally secret 
however you will need an email address to sign up here**
*click here for instant payment for membership
Click here to easily open a PayPal account
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